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Frequent flyer programs

November 10, 2007

This year I’ve done a lot of flying. To and from Florida, many, many times. To and from Mexico. Oh yes, and to and from Australia.

You would think that by now I would be a preferred/elite/silver member – something by now. Due to some mix ups, I now have something like 22,000 miles with United and 15,000 miles with US Airways. For both programs you need 25,000 miles to make it to the fancy-I’m-a-frequent-flyer level. And of course you need to fly these miles all within one year. So close, yet so far.

From December 25 until January 9, the darling husband and I will be flying from Philly to San Francisco to Denver to San Diego and back to Philly. You would think that would push me past the 25,000 mile limit. But no, we’re only flying the first leg (to SF) in this calendar year. We fly from SF to Denver on January 1.

But that flight from Philly to SF must be a lot of miles you say. Yes, you are right. After we fly that first leg of our trip to SF I will have 24,969 miles, missing the preferred/elite/silver member status by 31 miles. 31 miles. Seriously, 31 miles? Jesus-h-christ, I flew literally to the other side of the world and I’m missing the preferred/elite/silver status by 31 miles?!

So far we have the following ideas:

1. Darling husband buys the cheapest (hopefully round trip) ticket possible and he puts me on a plane for a day. That sounds like loads of fun.

2. I trade in 10,000 of my earned miles through my credit card for 1000 preferred/elite/silver member qualifying miles.

3. United removes the stick from their butt and throws 31 miles my way.

My vote is for solution 3.

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