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Reasons I know I’m getting older

November 14, 2007

1. My students cringe when they hear the time that I wake up every morning.

2. Some of the staples on the grocery list are fruits and vegetables.

3. 11 pm is an hour that I don’t often experience unless I wake up and have to pee.

4. When I get paid, I transfer the few dollars that don’t go towards bills into my savings instead of right back into the economy.

5. For Christmas this year, the husband and I got new kitchen appliances.

6. I was so excited about our new kitchen appliances that I wanted to sleep with them in the kitchen that first night.

7. This upcoming year so far there are 4 weddings I will be attending, one of them being my father’s.

8. The idea of sharing a twin size bed with the husband is absolutely ridiculous – now even the Queen size bed we have seems small.

9. That great new song that all the kids think is amazing isn’t actually new, it’s a cover.

10. Someone refers to the music you grew up to as “the oldies.”

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  1. jeannielunchbox permalink
    December 1, 2007 4:31 pm

    don’t forget that all of the shows you grew up watching now air on nick at nite after midnight

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