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Life to-do’s

November 17, 2007

After watching Randy Pausch’s last lecture* I realized I’ve never sat down to write a list of what I want to do and get out of life. So, here we go (bold items I’ve done and would like to do again).

1. Places I want to visit in the US: Hawaii, Alaska

2. Places I want to visit in the world: England, Japan, Australia, Mexico and the Ukraine

3. Run a marathon successfully.

4. Get my Ph.D.

5. Buy a copy of my sister-in-laws first book when she writes and publishes it.

6. Grow and maintain a beautiful garden that my mother would be proud of.

7. Publish a paper in a peer-reviewed journal.

8. Volunteer at an animal shelter (or maybe start one).

9. Go on a real sailing trip (actually learning how to sail of course a prerequisite here).

10. Hike Mt. Tamany for my mom. (Mt. Tamany is part of the Appalacian trail in NJ that we hiked with my mom on one of our camping trips).

11. Finish my “important literature to read” list given to me by a high school teacher. (First task is to find the list).

12. Really thank the teachers and mentors that have made an impact on my life.

13. Get a semifield named after me. (A semifield is the algebraic structure that I am studying in my research).

14. Improve enough to actually play a real match in tennis (versus my current bastardized version of a match).

15. Learn how to speak another language somewhat fluently.

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