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Christmas is coming

November 26, 2007

It is officially the Christmas season in our house. This weekend we hung lights, put out our decorations, hung select ornaments on Lucy the Lemon Tree and the hibiscus tree (which oddly we’ve never named), and set up and decorated a small artificial tree (we’ll get to the topic of Christmas trees in another post).

Another mark of the Christmas season is that the husband is forcing us (meaning me) to listen to the soundtrack from Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Don’t get me wrong – I like Charlie Brown’s Christmas, but after hearing it for the 12’th time in one day you start to go a bit crazy.

Unfortunately, the alternative is the Christmas music on the radio. Sure, sure, there are about 8 reasonably good Christmas songs played, but the rest is just horrifically bad.  If it isn’t about the birth of jesus, then it’s about some poor kid who wants to buy his dying mother a damn pair of shoes.

I think I’ll invest in some earplugs this year.

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  1. jeannielunchbox permalink
    November 26, 2007 8:44 pm

    He really likes his Christmas music, doesn’t he? I will have to burn you the Starbucks CD I was talking about. It’s tolerable Christmas music.

    We (I should really say I) decorate the Ficas tree, which is also unnamed.

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