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Love bites

November 29, 2007

Lately my cat Stewart, also know as Stewie and Captain Stubbins, has been much more playful and cuddly. He keeps pulling toys out of the toy basket (yes, we have enough kitty toys to warrant a kitty toy basket), running around like a cat on crack with Zoey, and insists on at least 20 minutes of playing on the bed before I am allowed to turn off the light and go to sleep at night. He has also been more insistent on laying with me at night and getting ample pets throughout the day to the point where he will just park his little behind right next to my work and eat my papers until I pet him. It’s adorable.

However, it is not as adorable at 4:37 am when my alarm first goes off and he plops himself down on my chest, purring like a diesel engine, looking for some loving.

It is not as adorable when he then proceeds to ram his head into my chin.

It is not as adorable when he then starts to bite any part of my face that protrudes the slightest bit, say like my chin or my nose. Those tiny little teeth are sharp!

It is not as adorable when he then uses his claws to pull back the covers that I have pulled up over my face for protection.

It is not as adorable when he doesn’t realize that the covers are no longer over my face (since he pulled them back) and he scratches my face.

This cycle of events then repeated, intermingled with my reaching to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock, until 5:15 am when I finally got up and out of bed. (Thursdays are my early days).

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