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Bad news

December 5, 2007

I have morning routine: I drag my ass out of bed, workout and then have a little bit of me time with my coffee and laptop (which usually consists of me shopping on the internet or catching up on my celebrity news). This morning my me time was interrupted by what is commonly referred to as the blue screen of death. This is that nasty blue screen that shows up, informing you that you are screwed and hopefully you backed up anything you were working up because it’s now gone.

My laptop isn’t terribly old, yet it isn’t terribly new either. For a while now, I’ve been getting the blue screen of death about once a month. Normally, I turn it off and back on, and it’s fine.

This morning I turned if off and back on, it restarted and then promptly reverted back to the blue screen of death. This sequence of events repeated a few times until I called my tech support go-to guy, the husband. In a very somber voice he told he to turn if off and not to touch it. He then inquired whether or not I had recently backed up all of my work, photos, etc to our server.

This scares me.

UPDATE : After some coaxing and lots of sweet talking my laptop has started up like it should.  I am currently backing up all of my files to our server.

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