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December 9, 2007

Last spring I noticed that I was experiencing a lot of pain in the area of my tail bone.  Not so much while I was sitting down as when I moved from a seated position.  After a while I finally consulted the magical internet for an answer.  I found a lot of sites dedicated to this mysterious tail bone pain, often referred to as coccydynia.  They all listed various causes such as falls, childbirth, or surgery.

For the life of me I couldn’t recall any bad falls I’d had and I’ve never had children or any type of surgery.  I asked the husband, do you remember me falling at all?  And then he reminded me of the little ride that my ass took down our stairs.  It was the end of an evening (yes, drinking was involved) and we were just saying good bye to my brother and his wife, when my right foot missed the next stair and my ass then slammed against at least two of our hardwood stairs.

That hurt.  (Although I do thank the booze for it not being more painful).

That was over a year ago and it still hurts.

Because of the location of the tail bone there’s really nothing to be done to help the tail bone heal, aside from not moving out of bed for 3 months (which I have considered).  It is common to have pain for 6 months to a year.  It is also common to have pain for the rest of your life.


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