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A very sad day

December 12, 2007

In August of 2001 I bought a 2001 honda civic dx. For those who aren’t familiar, this is the base model civic: no power windows, no power door locks, etc. It has been the perfect car for me for years and it has been so much fun to drive, despite my complaints:

  • Sometimes the civic needed a little help starting in cold weather.
  • The road noise is well, loud.
  • The pickup is lacking.
  • Do I need to even elaborate on what it’s like to not have power windows and doors?
  • Most normal adults don’t fit into the civic very well.

But she’s my baby and I love her. 40 miles to a gallon, fits into practically any parking spot, and cherry red. We’ve been through a lot together –

  • Living in places like Ewing, NJ; State College, PA; Laurys Station, PA; Newark, DE; Harleysville, PA.
  • Breaking down on the Vine Street Expressway, during rush hour on a Friday evening during the summer while I was wearing a tube top.
  • Numerous flat tires . . . okay, 2.
  • Commuting to University of DE from PA for the past few years.

Tonight, the husband and I are turning her in, and I think I might cry.

Update:  We both cried.

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