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December 17, 2007

When my brother first started dating his current wife I was confused because I oddly felt a bit territorial him. It was also confusing to me that someone actually wanted to date him, spend time with him, possibly hold his hand, and whatever else those crazy kids were doing.

When he asked me to help pick out an engagement ring I was still a bit confused and territorial, but also excited because what girl doesn’t like to play with diamonds?  This also meant that she would become my sister-in-law.  Growing up with a stinky brother, I had always wanted a sister.  As excited as I was to have a “sister,” this excitement was mixed with anxiety because I didn’t know her that well, but I wanted to but I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

The first real bonding experience for us was a month before their wedding. Let’s just say that there were two wedding dresses and generally, you only need one. She called me to help her choose which one to wear for the wedding and it was a crazy and fun day.

Our next bonding experience was a few months later when I moved in with them. She and my brother were living with her parents in an amazing old property that also was home to their family business. They needed an employee, I needed a job – it was a match made in heaven, or Pennsylvania. I remember being nervous about going to live with them and next thing I know she and I were giggling/shopping/talking as if we’ve been close friends for years.

She’s the kind of friend I’ve always wanted. One that whenever one of answers the phone we just start talking, no niceties necessary. One that you can just walk into their house as if its yours (in the good way). One who’s a part of your family and you’re a part of their family. One that you can be away from for months, yet still the conversation picks up as if you haven’t been apart at all.  One that when they move across the country you feel like you’re losing a limb.

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