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Christmas plans, 2007

December 20, 2007

This year’s Christmas celebration entails:

1. Visiting my dad – involving staying a night with him and a cat that hates me.

2. Visiting the husbands parents – this will involve presents, a meal out, a trip to church, and a stern conversation between the husband and I as I explain that no, I do not want to go ice skating on the lake that isn’t frozen yet.

3. Driving from the husbands parents house to the husbands Aunt’s house in middle of nowhere PA for a nice Christmas Eve dinner.

4. Weather and family-permitting we will then drive home to our house to sleep in our bed, with our kitties on Christmas Eve.

5. Christmas morning the husband and I will enjoy a cup of coffee, presents, and a few minutes of peace before we realize that we have much to do and very little time to do it in.

6. Christmas afternoon we will be on a flight to San Fran – inevitably we will be late and inevitably the flight will be delayed, so I think we’re safe.

7. Christmas in San Fran 2007, we arrive hopefully before the day ends and get to spend the last few hours of Christmas with my brother, his wife and her parents. 🙂

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