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December 26, 2007

2:30 Arrive at the airport

2:37 Check-in

2:43 Through security and on our way to our gate.

2:55 Arrive at our gate, check the board; all looks good, time of departure is still 4:15 and the weather is perfect.

3:00 Get a table at the husband’s favorite airport bar (mostly because it’s the only airport bar) and order beer and snackies. He has a Sam Adams, I have a Blue Moon and we binge on an order of cheese fries and onion rings because according to my sister-in-law there are no calories on travel days.

3:45 The husband pays the bill and we head over to our gate. I notice a strange item on the board and guide the husband away from the gate area.

3:47 I look at the husband very gravely and say, “Did you notice the departure time now says 7:25?”

Yes, with beautiful weather both in Philadelphia and San Francisco our plane was delayed over 3 hours. Merry Christmas.

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