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Back to life

January 10, 2008

The husband and I arrived home last night and there were three very happy furry creatures, all three of which slept with us last night.  Two of which, it seems, will be spending the day at my feet, by my side, or on my lap.  Damn I missed the kitties.

Now we’re back to real life though.  Our bags need to be unpacked (and no, we do not travel light – there are 4 sizable bags to be unpacked), food needs to be restocked, Christmas decorations need to be undecorated, and then my plan is to retreat into a cave and work on my thesis and dissertation until further notice.

I wouldn’t mind jumping into all of this, except I have developed the cold from hell.  Oh yes, and I’m essentially stranded at our house because the husband had to take my car because as he told me this morning, “the battery in the Jetta is shot.”  This leaves me with very few meal options.  Let’s see there’s the tin of popcorn we got for Christmas, some eggs, various frozen meats, and a yogurt that says best before Dec. 23.

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