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The hazards of stairs

January 11, 2008

We have a set of hardwood stairs in our house going from our first floor to the second floor.  They are the type that have about 5-6 steps then turn, another 5-6 steps then turn, and then another 5-6 steps and you’re at the next floor.  I believe there are two reasons for this design.  The first being the issue of space.  The second being the issue of safety;  this way, when an idiot like myself begins to fall at the top step, I will (hopefully) only fall one third of the way down the steps and not the whole way.

One way to reduce the number of falls down hardwood stairs would be to carpet them or add treads.  But, I’m sorry, have you seen the options out there?  They are hideous!  I love the look of the natural wood and I refuse to cover it.

Yesterday on one of my trips down the stairs I was thinking about how cute the two of our cats, Stewart and Zoey, were all curled up on the couch together when I slipped and ended up falling down the middle third of our stairs.  Thankfully, my left butt cheek and elbow took the blow and not my already broken and painful tailbone.  I then heard the pitter patter of little kitten paws on the wood and looked up to see Stewart looking at me.  I like to think that he was coming over to check to make sure I was okay because I would hope that if the fall had knocked me out he would go find help some how (I watched a lot of Lassie as a kid).  My brother said that in that case he would probably start chewing off my face.

We can now move the count of how many times I’ve fallen down our stairs to 2.

(And yes, I was sober at the time of this second fall).

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