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Kittens in the snow

January 18, 2008

Yesterday afternoon as the snow was coming down, I thought it would be fun to put the harness on Stewart and walk him around in the snow.  I envisioned him tip-toeing around in the snow, shaking the snow of his paws in disgust.

The snow seemed to have absolutely no effect on him.  He wandered around like usual, sniffing and rubbing against everything.  Then he wandered up to an evergreen tree, sniffed it, rubbed it, sniffed it again, and he continued to rub the tree.  I started to pull him again to head back inside, but it was too late – he was spraying the tree.

Then he didn’t want to come in, meowing as if I was pulling out his whiskers, and nipping both at my hands and the harness.  When I did manage to get him inside the house, he was a terror – running around the house with a big fluffy tail, chasing Sweet Pea and occasionally pouncing on her, meowing, and pulling out all his catnip toys to play with them.

Conclusion:  This was a bad idea.

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