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Oops, I forgot about that . . .

January 21, 2008

Just last week I got 32 oz. nalgene bottles for the husband and I.  I was amused that they are just the perfect size to get wedged into the opening in the fridge door to let it fill with water (if that makes sense).  My first thought as I watched it fill was that this was eventually going to get me in trouble.  I envisioned my walking away from it and it suddenly getting un-wedged spilling water all over the kitchen floor.

Almost . . .

I did walk away from the bottle as it was filling up and then walked down to the basement to chit chat with the husband.  Some time later, we both came upstairs.  I walked into the kitchen and was surprised when I walked through a puddle of water.


Yep, and they might actually award me a Ph.D. this year.

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