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Who’s who

Me:  a 30 year old math professor.  Despite all the realities of adulthood like a mortgage and a job, I still feel like a kid.  I like running and bad reality TV.

The Husband:  my husband.  Cute, funny and sweet.  He also likes running and the show Bridezillas.  Things are looking good for his 5th consecutive Husband of the Year Award.

Sadie:  our dog.  She’s a black lab mix, docile in the house, and crazy outside on the leash.  She likes long walks, eating, and getting her knees scratched.

Sid: the newest member of our crazy family.  He’s a kitten who enjoys pouncing on his toys, eating, and crawling up your back to sit on your shoulder.  His nicknames so far: Sid-ders, little terror, and ouch-stop-biting-me!

Stewart:  the man of the house, also our oldest cat (about 12 years old).  He has a very distinctive swagger when he walks, comes when his name is called, and desperately wants to get outside.  Unfortunately for him, all the kitties are inside kitties.  Also known as: Captain Stew, The Captain, Mr. Stew, and The Man.  (1999-2010)

Sweet Pea:  our first kitty.  Her kitten years were spent living alone with The Husband and as a result they have a very special bond.  Yeah, she pretty much hates everyone else.  Also known as: Her Highness, Sweetie, The Pea, Sweat Pea, and The Sweet Pea-ness.

Zoey:  our littlest kitten.  At a young age, little Zoey had a massive internal infection.  Luckily our vet saved her but as a result, she is a perfectly proportioned miniature kitty.  She is shy at first, but once you get to know her you’ll be in love.  Also known as: Zubbins, Chunk Pie, and Chunk Muffin.

Children:  none.  And don’t ask when we’re having them.

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